How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Summer? Summer Skin Care

Summer Skin Care

How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Summer? Summer Skin Care

Summer Skin Care: The hot summer heat and the blazing sun take a toll on your skin, therefore you need to know how to Take Care Of Your Skin In Summer. Humidity tends to create break out and make the oil glands even more active.

Pollution and grime take away the skin’s radiance and make your skin oily and dull. Well, the good thing is, there is a solution to every problem. Holding on to the skin’s natural radiance doesn’t come with a long to-do list. All it takes is just a tweak here and there and, you are good to go.

Read on to learn tricks and tips you can incorporate in your summer skincare routine that keeps your skin radiant and clear.


How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Summer? 15 Highly Effective Tips for Your Summer Skin Care Routine


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#1 Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is something you should wear all year round. However, in summers, it’s extra important to apply sunscreen as it helps in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Protection from the blazing heat of the sun is crucial. Hence, don’t forget to apply sunscreen on all exposed parts of your body because exposure to sun rays may cause premature aging, fine lines, and skin cancer.

Try to invest in a good sunscreen and look for a product having a broad UV spectrum.


#2 Antioxidants

You can keep the skin-related problems at bay by adding a punch of antioxidants into your summer skincare routine. Investing in creams, serums that have the right amount of antioxidants and, natural extracts helps in reducing inflammation. Vitamin C not only protects the skin from environmental pollutants but boosts the production of collagen.


#3 Maintain a Healthy Diet

“What you eat reflects on the skin,” healthy and glowing complexion isn’t just about adding products into your summer skincare routine but, a healthy diet is what keeps the natural glow of the skin. Try to incorporate fruits and veggies into your diet. Antioxidants and nutrients in fruits and green leafy veggies are very helpful in boosting the development of collagen and protect the summer skin care from UV rays.


#4 Change Your Face Wash

Cleaning is one of the basic steps of any skincare routine. When the climate gets warmer, humidity causes breakouts on the skin as the sebum glands to start becoming more hyperactive. Thus, you will be needing a face wash that draws out the excess oil from oil glands leaving your skin clear and radiant. But, if you have dry skin, then look for a non-foaming cleanser to avoid rashes and redness on the skin. Gel-based cleaners are suitable for normal skin types.


#5 Stay Hydrated

During the hot weather, it’s vital to refresh your skin. Don’t forget to keep the water bottle with you before you head out. Drinking plenty of water not only helps in hydrating your skin but aids in flushing out the toxins from the body.


#6 Exfoliate But Gently!

Are you continually facing breakouts and tired of the grime on the skin? Then, try exfoliating because it removes the dirt/grime and dead skin cells, leaving your skin bright and healthy. You can use homemade sugar scrubs but, make sure you don’t over-exfoliate as it may leave your skin sore and red.


#7 Ease Up on Makeup

As the summer arrives, you need to go easy on the makeup because heat and humidity can easily suppress the breathing ability of your skin. Try going minimal with the makeup as it allows your skin to breathe better. However, if you can’t go without foundation, try to opt for a tinted moisturizer and top it off with a compact powder to avoid patches on the skin.


#8 Take Cold Water Showers

Taking cold water showers not helps in preventing breakouts but unclogs the skin pores. Try to avoid steam baths and hot showers because it dehydrates your skin and causes breakouts. Coldwater showers are a great way to refresh your face and body.


#9 Use a Refreshing Toner

Skin toners are a must-have in your summer skincare routine. Toners help close the open pores that are vital when it comes to minimizing the accumulation of grime into your skin. Hence, it keeps your skin clear and oil-free.  Moreover, don’t forget to apply toner on your t-zone, as it’s the area that secretes the maximum amount of sebum during the hot summers.


#10 Exercise

We often overlook the importance of working out during the hot summer season because nobody likes feeling sweaty and sticky. But, getting enough exercise helps in maintaining the natural glow and health of the skin in summers.


#11 Change Your Moisturizer

People are often under the misconception that the skin requires no moisturizer during summers. But, locking in an essential amount of moisturizer is crucial in summers to avoid dryness and a patchy look.  The only difference is that heavy creams or lotions won’t work in summers. The summer skincare routine calls for a light and non-greasy moisturizer that seals the right amount of moisturizer in your skin.


#12 Take Care of Your Feet

The majority of us often ignore other parts of the body, especially our feet. When the scorching summer season pops up, you will be replacing the boots with open footwear that requires more attention than before. Try opting for a pedicure at home or scrubbing the feet because it helps in removing the dead skin cells. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and moisturizer on the feet if you plan on wearing sandals.


#13 Take Special Care of the Eye Area

While choosing creams, moisturizers, and toners for your face, don’t forget your eye area, as it’s the most delicate and thinner area than the rest of the face and requires special attention. Look out for a product that contains honey, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber. These ingredients keep the area around your eyes hydrated and prevent the formation of fine lines.


#14 Get Enough Rest

It all boils down to getting enough sleep to keep up with healthy skin. People are out and about for long hours during the hot summer season and, being under the sun leads to dullness and causes fine lines. Hence, getting adequate sleep fights off early signs of aging and enhances the skin barrier function, leaving your skin fresh and attractive.


#15 Face Mist Helps You Stay Cool

Face mists are necessary when it comes to cooling down the hotness during summers. Face mist works wonders on your skin because it helps in reducing inflammation and soothes sunburn making your skin dewy and fresh. Don’t forget to carry a cooling face mist with you and keep spritzing it on your face every few hours – giving your skin relief.


Home Remedies

There are exclusive skincare products that are extremely beneficial for many of us but, don’t forego the importance of natural ingredients as they make the best summer skincare products. Your kitchen is probably the best storehouse for cleansers and toners. All it needs is honey, cucumber, and essential oils.


The Takeaway

Summer indeed wreaks havoc on the skin – taking away the natural radiance and health of the skin. But, by making a few changes in your summer skincare routine, you can keep up the vitality of your skin, summer skin care.


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