Post Vacation Depression Or Blues: 5 Steps To Overcome It!

post vacation depression

Post Vacation Depression Or Blues: 5 Steps To Overcome It!

Who knew there would be a special type of depression related to vacations? Post Vacation depression or blues happens when you return back home from a great long trip. But how can such a short time of our life lead to such misery? Why bother with all that fun when life will be more difficult after that? These are some negative thoughts that might float in your head while returning back to your normal routine.

However, it is better to focus on solutions rather than the problem itself. In this case, your concerns should be: How to get back to eating healthy? How to get back to your normal routine? How to cope with your post vacation depression or blues? Etc.

We have come up with a 5-step solution for you and have mentioned the most effective ways that will help you overcome your post vacation depression.

So, let’s get straight into it!


5 Steps To Overcome Your Post Vacation Depression


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1- Focus Your Diet plan & Sleep Schedule

It’s quite easy to deal with loneliness and sadness when your body feels better. After vacation, eating healthy food and getting good sleep are the best things you can do to help your body. Here’s how you can actually do that:


* How To Get Back To Eating Healthy?

Try not to proceed with the “holiday eating” for a really long time. Even though preparing food may be the last thing you need to do now, but your body will be much happier! Search for food items like rotisserie chicken that you can use in multiple healthy ways for a couple of days until you get back to trying different meals.


* How To Take Back Control Of Your Sleep Schedule?

If it feels hard to take back control of your sleep routine after vacation, control the impulse of using your cell phone first. Avoid doing stuff like texting, using social media, doing homework, watching TV, etc., at bedtime.


2- Be with Your Loved Ones

The advantages of having a supportive social network can be both broad and long-lasting. Social interaction can likewise assist with battling being depressed after vacation; it lessens anxiety and improves your outlook overall. So, make a list of your friends or relatives who are supportive enough to cheer you up when you’re feeling low. Then plan a conversation, video chat, or a meetup to enjoy together. It will surely give you relief.


3- Share Your Travel Experience

Regarding your extremely exciting trip, you may really feel like sharing the story that you just simply experienced or wrote in your journal while traveling. Feeling depressed after vacation can influence your mental wellness a lot if you keep things or experiences inside. That is why sharing your travel experience with somebody will make you feel better and cheer you up when you talk about the best days you have had. It’s actually a chance to re-live that time again.


4- Transform Your Home

For many people, the feelings of newness, freshness, calmness are what makes vacation so extraordinary. Those feelings are not specifically associated with travel destinations; they exist in your home too. So, start making a list of all that you love about your vacation (e.g., trying new meals, swimming in warm water, etc.) and what these mean to you. Then mark all that stuff you can replicate in your home easily.


5- Plan Mini-Adventures

You don’t have to plan something big like traveling abroad to see yourself as an avid traveler. You can explore any new place, get lost in its beauty, and experience it on a very personal level. If you haven’t seen everything in your hometown, plan a short weekend trip to explore all “hidden gems.” You never know what treasures you’ll find in your hometown. You might find places that end up being your favorite spots to hang out.


Final Words

Having post vacation blues is a common issue, and defeating them may be different for everybody. But the above tips are applicable for all people who are depressed after vacation. If you’re one of them, follow the above-mentioned tips, you will feel so much better. We hope you now know how to get over post vacation blues.


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