How Do You Do A Best 10 Minute Meditation?

best 10 minute meditation

How Do You Do A Best 10 Minute Meditation?

It might be hard to believe, but meditation is the new caffeine. It works as effectively as caffeine to clear your mind. Now, you may think that you need hours-long sessions for that. But if you are new to meditation or short on time, a best 10 minute meditation will be a great start.

Meditation has been a centuries-old practice, and different forms of meditation have emerged ever since, such as Yoga Nidra techniques, mindful meditation, and profound healing meditationYoga Nidra and meditation are different yet similar as they take you to different states of sleep consciousness. While you need to lie down for Yoga Nidra, meditation requires you to stay seated.

Without further ado, let’s learn how to do the best 10 minute meditation.


Five Steps To Do The Best 10 Minute Meditation


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1- Find A Quiet Corner To Meditate

First and foremost, find a quiet corner in your house, wherever you feel most comfortable. You can also find an outdoor area and surround yourself with nature. In fact, nature helps you connect with yourself more. If you have a favorite outdoor spot like a lake or park, you can go there and find a quiet place.

Feel the sounds, smell, and air around the peaceful environment and get ready for the best 10 minute meditation session.


2- Get Into A Sitting Posture

To meditate:

  • Sit in the chair or on the floor.
  • Maintain a good posture because it will help you get into a meditation mood.
  • Sit with your back straight, hands in the lap or on your thighs, tuck your chin in, and relax your shoulders. Your body shouldn’t be too stiff or too relaxed.
  • Breathe deeply five times and close your eyes at last exhale.

Now that your eyes are closed, and you are focused on meditation, feel your posture—the chair or ground beneath your feet, the smells, the sound, and the taste. The purpose is to feel all the senses while meditating.


3- Breathe In, Breathe Out

Now, take deep breathes to anchor your mind. Breathe in and breathe out. Follow a steady rhythm and concentrate on your breaths. The breathing technique strengthens the mind. Also, during meditation, you need to completely focus on your breathing and let all the negative energy and thoughts flow out.

It doesn’t matter if your breaths are long, short, deep, fast, or slow. Let your body feel each breath and thoughts rolling through your mind. But don’t let it wander too far; reign your emotions in when you feel they are taking control over your mind.

Deep breathing reduces stress and anxiety as it helps control our emotions and mind. And that’s how a best 10 minute meditation session improves your mental well-being.


4- Let Your Mind Wander

Once your 10 minutes are up, sit calmly for about 20 to 30 seconds. As your meditation ends, you will feel relaxed. Whatever thoughts are going through your mind, calm or positive, let it wander. Enjoy the peace that meditation brings you. You will certainly feel positive energy start trailing in after meditating.


5- Finish

Become conscious of your surroundings, body, and the place where you are meditating. Feel the hard ground or chair beneath your body and feel the air blowing around. Focus on all your senses and open your eyes gently.

That’s it; your short meditation session just came to an end. Does it feel any different? To end your day on a positive note, it is something you should add to your routine.



Before we conclude, there is a little piece of advice that you should know. There is no doubt that the best 10 minute meditation helps with anxiety and stress. However, you cannot solely rely on meditation to treat a mental illness that needs medical attention. Lastly, Follow yoga Nidra YouTube videos from Lizzy Hill or other YouTubers for guided meditation.


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