What is Breath Counting Meditation?

What is Breath Counting Meditation

What is Breath Counting Meditation?

Breath Counting Meditation is a popular technique to strengthen mental power and improve focus. Human beings are complex creatures driven by different mood swings at different times. You could experience dynamic days with energy splurging and get your chores done in minutes. However, there are slow and muted days where you struggle to get out of bed. The question is how do you twirl out of these gloomy days? The answer is Breath Counting Meditation.

Breath Counting Meditation is a popular technique which brings health benefits and appeals to the soul. The technique dates to ancient times when monks used it to improve their concentration and release anxiety.


How does Breath Counting Meditation help you?

Every human being experiences unproductive days when the soul feels down. Days when they struggle to do basic life activities and focus on your activities. You might feel procrastinated into nothing for hours. First of all, it is okay to feel that way.

Breathing Counting Meditation brought forth by Buddhists helps enhance your focus and clears your mind of the distractions by employing the breathing process centrally.

Here is how it helps the human brain:-

Reduces Stress

Breathing Counting Meditation reduces stress and calms the nerves. Hence, the breathing counting technique helps you release the worries by disconnecting from the world for a few minutes to come out fresher.


Creates Mindfulness

The breath counting meditation technique creates a sense of mindfulness by using the breathing as a concentration point. This way one can understand the mind’s ability to shift focus and release the tentative worries.



The technique creates sensitive awareness in the mind which increases a mind’s alertness. This breath counting meditation technique releases the mind from the stray distractions in mind.


How to carry out Breath Counting Meditation?


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We are aware of the benefits of Breath Counting Meditation. Now let us learn about how you can carry out Breath Counting Meditation technique.


Count your Breath

 Go to a peaceful corner of your home and carry out this breath counting exercise. Sit quietly and close your eyes and start inhaling and exhaling in an uncontrolled manner. Inhale and exhale calmly and count it as “one”. Continue doing these inhaling and exhaling until you reach the count to “five”.

Take a small break for a few seconds and start inhaling and exhaling for another five sets. Open your eyes and ta-da you have released your nerves and practiced mindfulness in the simplest way. This will give an immediate effect and bring freshness.


Elongate your Exhale 

Start exhaling again and slowly increase the time you hold your breath. Like, hold your breath for one or two counts and exhale for three or four counts. This is a simple technique to make your exhale longer and lengthier which provides instant stress release. Continue this practice for five-six minutes.

This Breathing Counting Meditation helps in the parasympathetic nervous system which leads to improved cognitive functioning.


Take turns in nostrils breathing 

Start breathing slowly from one nostril while you close the other one. Practice this for three to four counts on your one nostril and then hold your breath for one to two counts. Once you are done with it, gently loosen your hold on this nostril and repeat the same practice on the other nostril.

Repeat the same practice for three to five minutes by changing nostrils and carrying out the inhaling and exhaling practice. This practice is good to create a hold and feeling of consistency in the human mind.



Breath Counting technique is a great exercise both for the mind and body. It detoxifies the human soul from the worries and brings out fresher. The technique also shifts mood and releases one from stress, anxiety and loneliness. It is your ultimate guide to achieve stability and increase your productivity like never before. Make this technique a habit and come out fresher.


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