What Is The 54321 Method For Panic Attacks And Anxiety?

54321 Method For Panic Attacks And Anxiety

What Is The 54321 Method For Panic Attacks And Anxiety?

54321 method is considered to be the most effective technique for panic attacks and anxiety, how is it happen? Anxiety is constantly feeling nervous, restless, or fearful in fairly normal circumstances. It becomes a real problem when it starts disturbing our routine tasks or when it turns into social anxiety. Not to mention, anxiety, if it remains unchecked, can create bigger problems, including panic attacks. But fret not because today, we are going to discuss one of the most effective sensory exercises (54321 method) for panic attacks and anxiety.

Intrigued? Let’s dive in to explore what the 5 4 3 2 1 rule for anxiety is.


Anxiety and Panic Attacks

The next level of anxiety can embody itself in the form of panic attacks. Panic attacks are feeling of intense fear that is a product of irrational and unrealistic thought process in your brain. There are some catastrophic consequences attached to panic attacks, such as depression and suicidal thoughts. It is therefore so important to not leave your anxiety levels unchecked as it can lead to a panic attack.

You need to stop your mind when it starts going in the dimension of “what if”? We cannot simply surrender ourselves to anxiety and its consequences when we can do a simple act that promises instant relief.

Let us tell you about the sensory exercise with which you can tackle your panic attacks anytime. Our mind and our sensory organs are closely linked together. We can use our basic senses to perform the 54321 method for panic attacks and minimize their effects.

Let’s begin,


54321 Method For Panic Attacks

Whenever you are overwhelmed with stress, it feels like you are totally disconnected from your present moment. Negative energy created by your anxiety drives your senses away from reality.

Following are the steps of 54321 exercise you need to perform and feel better:-


1. Breathing

When you are feeling panicked, the first thing you need to do is deep breathing. Find a calm place, preferably an open area where you can breathe in the fresh air.


2. Sense of Sight

After the breathing exercise, the first sensory organ you will use is your eyes to focus on 5 things around you. It can be a window, trees, the sky, a notebook, or anything around you.


3. Sense of Touch

The third step is to use your sense of touch; identify 4 things in your surroundings that you can touch. It can be your gadgets, your pet, any bench, or anything that is touchable. You can even touch these objects as the main motive of this exercise is to take you back from the mess created by chemicals in your brain.


4. Sense of Hearing

4th step is to use your sense of hearing: try to focus on 3 things that make sounds, and you can imagine hearing them. Focus now! Can you hear the clock ticking? Can you hear the sweet chirping of the birds, or is anyone talking or laughing around you? It can be any kind of sound; feel it so that you can divert your mind from anxious feelings.


5. Sense of smell

The 5th step is to use your sense of smell; identify any 2 things you can smell. Try to reach out to your favorite scent if it is convenient, or do you like how woods smell? You can stand by a tree and sniff.


6. Sense of Taste – Pillow Shifting Method

The last step is to feel your sense of taste, and exercise it with any 1 item. Try to eat something you like or just imagine the taste of your favorite food. What a wonderful experience it is to feel and sense the world around you!

The 54321 method work as a pillow shifting method like it’s a very effective practice to write down whatever you feel. When you write what you are actually doing, you are transforming your thoughts or emotions into a piece of paper, and by doing so, you release negative energy.

Exactly like this, when you perform the 54321 exercise, you shift yourself back to normal from that terrible anxious state.

The 54321 method of panic attacks also has its proven benefits in children with autism as they are more vulnerable to getting anxious.


pillow shifting method - how to stop an anxiety spiral attacks- 54321 exercise


Some Tips on how to stop an anxiety spiral with 54321 exercise

  • Try to feel and absorb each step and don’t just go through like an assigned task. Talk to yourself that yes! I can see these things or can hear this particular sound.
  • Practice these 5 steps frequently; you don’t need to wait to get a panic attack to perform this exercise.
  • Teach this technique to other people who are suffering from anxiety and practice it with them.



54321 method for panic attacks is an effective and practical solution to reduce anxiety levels. You can call it a nature prescription to fight against anxiety and for maintenance of a good mental state. Sometimes a simple, practical approach can improve your quality of life. Practice the 54321 method and share it with the ones in need!


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