What Is The 333 Rule For Anxiety – Stop Anxiety Now

333 Rule For Anxiety

What Is The 333 Rule For Anxiety – Stop Anxiety Now

333 rule for anxiety! what is it? Getting late for work, running short of money, break up with your fiancé, traffic jams, etc. Well, these are all genuine reasons for stress to kick in. obviously, when you are facing any of these or even other similar problems, it is natural that stress or anxiety invades your mental peace. If it happens, it is normal because there is a reason to feel stress.

However, on the other hand, if you are just relaxing in your home and out of nowhere, your heart starts pumping faster, your palms begin sweating, and you start losing control. Now, is this normal? No, it is not. This is the form of anxiety that you cannot neglect. That is, one moment you are completely fine and relaxed; the next moment, your mental health has just turned upside down.

Now, there is another thing about these panic attacks. If it is something that has happened once or very rarely, then this is not a danger. But, if these feelings are getting persistent and affecting your overall functionality, then you are suffering from an anxiety disorder, most probably GAD (Generalized Anxiety disorder). It is a condition in which panic attacks, heart palpitations, shaking, trembling, overwhelming fear, etc., are very common.

There are so many different ways to cope with anxiety, such as meditation, getting help from a psychologist, exercise, medication, etc. But in this article, we are going to talk about a simple yet very effective technique to reduce anxiety- 333 Rule For Anxiety. Heard this term for the first time? Well, fret not; here is all that you need to know about the 3-3-3 or 333 rule for anxiety.


333 Rule For Anxiety – Defined

The 333 rule for anxiety is basically a stress-relieving technique in which you focus on any of three things that you can see, hear, and touch. Now, these three things don’t have to be the same for sight, sound, or touch. This technique may not be as extensive as many other techniques to reduce stress or anxiety, but it is a pretty effective one.

Here is the complete explanation of the 333 rule for anxiety and how you can practice it.


How To Practice 333 Rule For Anxiety?

333 rule for anxiety involves three steps.

  1. Sight
  2. Sound
  3. Touch


#1 Sight

Alright, the first step in this technique is you have to identify or pick any three physical objects around you. They can be anything; for instance, if you are sitting in your office, you may look at your laptop, water bottle, a flower vase, etc.

Once you have picked three items, try to get a closer evaluation of every object for more detail. For instance, if it is a flower vase, you can focus on its color, design, its shape, etc. If it is a laptop or computer, you can focus on its hardware, its specifications, etc.


#2 Sound

This time, you need to pick any three objects which you can see and hear as well. That is, this time, you will indulge your senses to observe and hear those objects. Pay close attention to listen to those sounds. For example, you can focus on Candace, pitch, and volume of those sounds. You can focus on whether those sounds are pleasing to your ears or not.


#3 Touch

The last thing in this technique is putting your focus on three things you can touch, i.e., using your sense of touch. But this time, you have to choose any three body parts from your body. Let’s say you choose your legs, ankles, and arm. You can rotate your ankles, move your arms, bend your elbows, tap your fingers, wiggle your toes, etc.

Are you getting the purpose of all this? Basically, the main objective is to divert your attention from stressful or anxious thoughts. When you engage your three senses (touch, sound, and sight), your mind starts creating a soothing symphony that reduces the effect of anxiety.

333 rule for anxiety is a part of Grounding Techniques, and it is not easy to practice them smoothly at the start. But, with constant practice, you will get better and better.


Benefits Of 333 Rule For Anxiety

If practice it persistently and start getting better at it, it will yield multiple benefits such as:

  • It is very helpful in keeping negative feelings or thoughts away from you.
  • 333 rule for anxiety teaches you how to stay in the moment.
  • Provides a distraction to your mind to stay away from panic attacks.
  • Help you avoid unwanted thoughts.
  • Strengthens your observation skills.
  • It teaches you the art of strictly focusing on something, which can be very helpful in your daily life.


333 rule for anxiety - grounding techniques

Helpful Tips To Deal Stress Or Anxiety With 333 Rule Or Other Grounding Techniques

  • They say practice makes a man perfect; you can apply this to the 333 rule. You can start practicing this technique even if you are not having panic attacks. It will help you to implement this technique easily when you are in a stressful situation.
  • 333 rule for anxiety is not something you can practice when things get worse. That is, don’t wait for your stress to start taking a toll on you. Even if you feel that an unwanted stressful situation is about to arise, start practicing these grounding techniques.
  • One of the most important things you need to remember for the 333 rule is that your main focus should be on things, not feelings. You need to focus on your environment, physical objects around you.
  • Take short breaks to evaluate the effectiveness of the technique. For instance, you can check in with yourself after 10 minutes whether this technique is working or not. Compare your “before” and “after” situations.
  • Do not close your eyes! Many other techniques to reduce stress or anxiety require you to close your eyes. However, the 333 rule for anxiety is different; you cannot close your eyes while practicing the technique because the main objective is to focus on physical objects.


Integrate 333 Rule For Anxiety With Other Stress-Reducing Techniques

 To cope with stress and anxiety, you cannot rely on one stress-relieving technique or practice. You can integrate multiple techniques with the 333 rule for anxiety. For instance, you can practice the Deep Breathing technique with the 333 rule. You can also blend the “laughter technique” with this one. Well, laughter is just like deep breathing because it boosts the oxygen level in your body and is very effective in muscle relaxation.

Note: Although all these techniques are developed to help you release stress and anxiety, you still need to consult a professional for help if you think your problem is getting worse.


The Takeaway

Stress and anxiety, if left unattended, can literally destroy your mental peace and ultimately cause other diseases as well. Therefore, it is “mandatory” to start dealing with stress at early stages. You can incorporate different stress-relieving techniques with the “333 rule for anxiety.” But, make no mistake, these are just relieving techniques that you can practice on your own. If your problem gets worse, contact a professional for help. Besides, meditation and medication can go hand in hand and can be very effective.


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