Corona Virus Education: Its Types And Impacts

Corona Virus Education

Corona Virus Education: Its Types And Impacts

The emergence of the coronavirus has changed the dynamics of human life globally. The term coronavirus is originated from the Latin word “Coronam”. Coronam means crown as the surface of the virus is covered with crown-like spikes. This article will provide you with basic corona virus education and will highlight the impacts it has caused worldwide.


Corona Virus Education


Coronavirus monster - wuhan China Coronavirus - types of coronavirus

Origin of Coronavirus

In 2019, a novel coronavirus was isolated from patients suffering from respiratory illness in Wuhan, China. Initially, every news bulletin mentioned it as the Wuhan China coronavirus. Later on, it became a global pandemic.


Types of Coronavirus

Coronaviruses can be classified into 4 subgroupings: alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. Among many different types of coronavirus, 7 are known to infect human beings. These 7 types include

  • 229E (alpha coronavirus).
  • HKU1 (beta coronavirus).
  • NL63 (alpha coronavirus).
  • SARS-Cov (beta coronavirus).
  • MERS-Cov (beta coronavirus).
  • SARS-Cov 2 (Novel coronavirus).
  • OC43 (beta coronavirus).

The most widespread types of coronavirus affecting humans are OC43, NL63, 229E, & HKU1. These 4 types are known to cause mild respiratory illness and are responsible for causing 15 to 30% of all common colds worldwide.

MERS-Cov or Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus was first identified in 2012. It causes severe respiratory illness in infected people.

During 2002-2003, an epidemic of SARS – Cov or Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus appeared in Southern China. The SARS virus infected 8000 people, while 774 were killed with this virus in 26 countries.

SARS-Cov 2 – SARS-Cov 2 is the type coronavirus we commonly know and it causes Covid-19. SARS-Cov 2 is mutating like all other viruses. With each mutation, a new variant comes into existence. The known variants of SARS-Cov 2 are alpha, epsilon, beta, delta, gamma, and omicron.

Most types of coronavirus infect animals only. However, a mutation in any type of coronavirus can result in a variant that can cause disease in humans.

SARS-Cov, MERS-Cov, and SARS-Cov-2 are common forms or examples of mutated coronaviruses.


Common Symptoms of Covid-19

Common Covid-19 systems can be categorized as

  • Mild symptoms: fever, cough, tiredness, loss of smell or taste.
  • Moderate Symptoms: Sore throat, headache, muscular pains, diarrhea, skin rash & discoloration of fingers or toes.
  • Severe Symptoms: confusion, laborious breathing, chest pain, or breath shortness.

Most people have mild to moderate symptoms of the coronavirus; however, in some cases, the symptoms are severe. Covid-19 can cause respiratory disorders (due to lung & heart muscle damage), kidney failure, nervous system problems, and ultimately, death in people having weaker immune systems.


Transmission Or Spread Of Coronavirus

Coronavirus spreads through person-to-person contact. This contact can occur while a person is talking, laughing, coughing, or sneezing. When a person with coronavirus does any of the aforementioned acts, they release respiratory droplets in the air. The inhalation of air droplets will transmit the virus to others.

Everyone needs to know the following important points about the spread of covid-19.

  1. Coronavirus spreads more easily in places with poor ventilation, such as indoors.
  2. If you carry the virus, you can spread it even when you have no symptoms.
  3. The chance of getting infected reduces fairly with vaccination. However, if you get infected with a new variant, you can still transmit the virus to others.
  4. You can get the infection even by touching surfaces, e.g., doorknobs, handles, elevator buttons, and staircases. However, the risk of getting an infection from surfaces is minimal.


Impacts of Coronavirus

Coronavirus monster has caused devastating impacts on human life worldwide.

  • From 2019 till date, WHO has reported that there are 440,807,756 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 5,978,096 deaths.
  • Global risks report 2022 reported an increase in poverty, inflation, debt, and unemployment due to the covid-19 crisis.
  • Coronavirus has badly affected the mental health of people across the globe.
  • The pandemic has caused the closure of educational institutes worldwide. It will cause both short & long-term impacts on the quality of education, mental health of students, job prospects, and economy.
  • The rise in poverty has caused malnutrition & stress: pushing children into child labor.
  • Coronavirus topped the list in what worries the World? January 2022.
  • Coronavirus has also caused huge shifts in the economy, travel bans, and damage to industrial growth except for pharmaceutical industries.


Take Away

Corona pandemic is still a global worry with its diverse socio-economic consequences. Although vaccines have greatly reduced the chances of getting the infection, humanity is still suffering, and the death toll is rising every day. The coronavirus will not stop mutating, so we need to fight against it by breaking the chain of transmission.

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