Hair Care Tips for Black or Biracial Babies – Newborn Hair Care

Newborn Hair Care

Hair Care Tips for Black or Biracial Babies – Newborn Hair Care

Newborn Hair Care, Are you mothering those “full of cuteness” biracial or black babies and worried about their hair care? If yes, then this guide is all you need. Bi-racial babies are born with coarse, thick, and curly hair that needs special care. A lot of research goes into hair products for mixed babies that keep their hair moisturized, manageable, and clean.

Although there are so many hair products for African-American babies easily available in the market, yet you need to know what is best when it comes to newborn hair care.


8 Newborn Hair Care Tips For Black Or Biracial Babies 

Here are some amazing tips on natural hair care for babies to keep their hair healthy and tangle-free:


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#1 Figure Out the Hair Texture

First and foremost, you should know the hair texture of your baby because you wouldn’t want to mess with your newborn’s hair care routine. There are different types of hair textures and, you cannot apply the same practices to all of them. Doing a little research and determining the hair type will help you find the best hair products for mixed babies.


#2 Wash Their Hair At least Once a Week

Don’t go overboard washing the hair because it may dry their scalp by removing essential oils from the hair. Start with washing the hair once a week and gradually increase it to twice a week only if it’s necessary. Choose a shampoo that is both sulfate and alcohol-free. You can try shea moisture’s coconut baby wash and shampoo because it’s one of the best hair products for African-American babies and smells great.


#3 Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize…

It’s very important to moisturize their hair to keep them clean and soft. You will probably have to seal the moisturizer right after washing the hair. There are several hair products for African-American babies, but it’s preferable to wait until your child is a little older. Instead, try opting for natural moisturizers such as almond or coconut oil. Natural moisturizers not only do the trick but are effective.


#4 Your Fingers – Go-to Combs for Your Baby’s Curl

Yes, it’s very frustrating when it comes to combing the dry, frizzy, and thick hair of your little pumpkin. They would rather play around than sit still and have their hair done. You can use the wide-tooth comb to brush their curls but, the hair will frizz up. However, your fingers are the best combs for their curly hair. Running your fingers through their hair not only keeps their curls intact but perfectly does the job. Try not to comb out their kinky hair when dry to prevent breakage.


#5 Opt for Silk or Satin Pillowcases

Cotton and wool or any fabric with friction will probably mat your baby’s hair up. They will not only frizz up their hairs but damage them as well, such as knots in the hair. To avoid this problem, try to invest in pillowcases, scarves, and hats made with satin or silk. These fabrics aren’t only gentler but reduce the tangles and keep the moisture in the baby’s Newborn Hair Care.


#6 Embrace Their Curls

Embracing the way you look makes all the difference. We cannot stress enough on self-love. Try to build their confidence keep reminding them that they are perfect in every way, be it their hair or looks. Yes, having a child with curly and thick hair takes a little bit of additional research, and you are never sure if their curly hair will look the same every day. However, you should embrace your child’s curls and, so do they.

Explore and discover different ways on how to take care of the curls and how to have fun with them. Try to find what works the best for you and your little beauties. Learn to embrace your child’s natural curl; the more you do, the more confident they will feel.


#7 Creating a Hair Care Routine

Routines are beneficial and, including a hair care regimen can be handy at times. Incorporating a hair care routine isn’t only going to help yourself but instills a skill in your child on how to take care of their curly and kinky hair. If you start teaching your kid at a young age, they will learn quickly and make things easier for you.


#8 Tools for Curly Hair

Indeed, you cannot use every other hair tool you own in your biracial kid’s hair – from your hair combs to hairpieces to a hairbrush. Try not to pull out their hair by putting in a hair clip that might get stuck in the hair. Moreover, always consider large barrettes and clips when doing their hair-dos to avoid tangles. Therefore, it’s better to go a little overboard with your research and find the right tools that cater to the needs of your baby’s hair.


The Takeaway

We have put together some of the best tips that not only clear up your confusion but help on how you can look after the curly and thick hair of your biracial baby. Keeping the right moisturizer, setting a hair care routine, and encouraging the curls are some of the essential pointers in a biracial hair care regimen that gives your baby healthy hair.


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