How Long Does It Take To Grow Hair Quickly In 2022!

How Long Does It Take To Grow Hair

How Long Does It Take To Grow Hair Quickly In 2022!

Whenever there is a debate over physical beauty, long hair would surely be the “undisputed” element. To be honest, your hair plays a very important role in your overall physical appearance. Not only women, but a huge population of males is also fond of long hair. That is why people spend a lot of money on fast hair growth products. Also, so many people have this one common question for dermatologists, “how long does it take to grow hair quickly”?

Yes, people want to grow hair, but they probably want to do it overnight.  Does it really happen? Is it even possible? Are those “magic” products really good enough to boost hair growth dramatically? How do some people have faster hair growth than others? Is hair fall normal? There are so many myths and similar questions about growing long hair quickly.

However, the question is, how would you define the term “quickly”? Or the question should be, how long does it take to grow hair? If you have similar questions in your mind, or if you want to know the scientific truth so that you don’t fall into the “grow hair quickly” traps, then this is the article you should read.

We will start with some basics and then move to some important tips to grow hair healthily. Shall we begin?


How Does Your Hair Grow?

Our hairs grow from a root that is at the bottom of a follicle under our skin. The blood in our scalp acts as a transporter; it supplies nutrients and oxygen to the roots of our hair and helps them grow. When the hair starts growing, it comes out of your skin and passes by the oil gland. The oil in this gland provides shine and softness to your hair. Mother nature is amazing, right?


Hair Fall, Is It Normal?

Let’s talk about some science; at the time of birth, a baby has almost 5 million follicles in his/her body, and this is what a person will get for the lifetime, says AAD (American Academy of Dermatology). Moreover, out of those 5 million follicles, 100,000 are on your scalp. According to AAD, if you lose 50-150 hair per day, it is perfectly normal. That means hair fall is not a problem, but anything more than the above-mentioned figure is not a condition you would want to step in.


How Long Does It Take To Grow Hair?

Alright, this is our primary point of discussion; how long does it take to grow hair? Well, it is a herculean task to accurately predict that how quickly can or will your hair grow. There are certain factors that affect your hair growth, such as

  • Hair type.
  • Age.
  • Your overall health.

However, there is something else that we must understand about hair growth. We are going to talk about the hair growth cycle. We think that our hairs grow simultaneously, but that is not the case. Some of our hair may be in the growth phase while the others are in the rest phase. Hair growth is divided into three stages.


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Three Stages Of Hair Growth

There are 3 stages of hair growth as follow:-

  1. Anagen: The growth phase which may last from 2 to 7 years.
  2. Catagen: The transition phase which lasts between 4-6 weeks.
  3. Telogen: Resting phase which usually lasts for 2-3 months.

After the completion of the resting phase, we start experiencing hair fall, and it is inevitable to stop it. So, where should we put our focus? Exactly, all our efforts should be directed to the growth phase and try to prolong it as much as possible.


How Fast Can Hair Grow?

Now that we know about the three phases of hair growth, the next question is, how fast can our hair grow? Well, as per The Tricology Society, our hairs grow at the rate of 0.5-1.7 cm per month. Now that is a huge difference between the two values, and that is why some people have faster hair growth than others. If we follow that pattern, how long will it take you to grow 1-foot long hair? Here is your answer.

Average Monthly Growth Rate Estimated Time Required To Grow 1-Foot Long Hair
0.5 centimeters Five Years
0.7 centimeters Three Years And Nine Months
1.0 centimeters Two Years And Six Months
1.3 centimeters Two Years And One Month
1.7 centimeters One Year And Five Months

Also, we have mentioned above the factors that can affect the growth rate, such as hair type, age, overall health, etc. Apart from that, there are several other factors that can affect the hair growth process. They may include hormonal fluctuation, your race, stress, medications, genetics, and the seasons. How do the seasons affect your hair growth?

According to a study in 2009, a total of 823 females were observed for their hair growth over a span of six years. Results showed that their hair growth was faster in summers and slower in winter.

In a nutshell, if someone says, “our product can help you grow hair SUPERFAST,” that is a lie. However, you can prolong the growth phase and make the overall process smoother. How can you do it? Here is your answer.


5 Tips To Grow Hair Faster And Stronger


#1 Don’t Go for Restrictive Dieting

This is something you will read or hear everywhere; you are what you eat. Your diet has a very important role in your hair growth and health. Dr. Lindsey Bordone, an assistant professor of Dermatology at the Columbia University Medical Center, says that it is impossible to control every factor that affects our hair growth; we can only reduce hair shedding and impaired hair growth.

She said that restrictive dieting is not healthy for your hair because it restricts the supply of necessary nutrients and resources to your hair. In fact, even if you switch to a normal healthy diet from restrictive dieting, it may take few months for hair shedding to return to normalcy, added Dr. Lindsey.

Apart from that, here are some important nutrients you should add to your diet


#2 Use Products That Contain Caffeine

We all know that caffeine is a proven way to boost energy but do you know that it can boost hair growth process. According to a study in 2014, caffeine has positive effects on your hair growth. The study found that caffeine can strengthen hair shaft elongation, stimulated hair matrix keratinocyte proliferation, and prolong the anagen phase. Differential effects of caffeine on hair shaft elongation, matrix and outer root sheath keratinocyte proliferation, and transforming growth factor-β2/insulin-like growth factor-1-mediated regulation of the hair cycle in male and female human hair follicles in vitro.

Also, caffeine can be helpful in promoting new hair growth at the cellular, molecular, and organ levels in both females and males.


#3 Protein Intake

As Dr. Lindsey Bordone stated above, our diet plays an important role in our hair growth. She further added that a sufficient amount of protein intake is also very important for maximum hair growth. She further added that at least 50 gm (or more) of protein per day is enough for optimal hair growth.


#4 Use Essential Oils

Well, essential oils smell really good but do you know they are very effective for hair growth?

According to a study, taking 400 milligrams of pumpkin seed oil on a daily basis can boost hair growth in males. The males in this study used pumpkin oil seed oil and noticed that their hair count increased by 40 percent. Effect of Pumpkin Seed Oil on Hair Growth in Men with Androgenetic Alopecia: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial.

Apart from that, studies suggest that rosemary oil is also very effective in restoring hair growth. Rosemary oil vs minoxidil 2% for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia: a randomized comparative trial.


#5 Scalp Massage Is Helpful

A good scalp massage is the best way to relieve stress but to add to your amazement; it may boost hair growth and health (says a small study in 2016). Standardized Scalp Massage Results in Increased Hair Thickness by Inducing Stretching Forces to Dermal Papilla Cells in the Subcutaneous Tissue.

The study further concluded that massaging your hair daily for 4 minutes can make your hair thicker. Study participants who followed this practice for 24 weeks saw a major difference in their hair thickness.


The Takeaway

In simpler words, there is no magical formula to grow hair really fast. Your hairs can grow at their natural pace. Yes, there are many factors that can affect the growth process. However, you can only make sure that you are doing enough to make the hair growth process smooth and make it optimal. For that, you can get help from the tips we have mentioned above.


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