Is exercising every day bad for us? Is it okay to workout everyday?

Is exercising every day bad for us Is it okay to workout everyday

Is exercising every day bad for us? Is it okay to workout everyday?

It is a well-known fact that regular physical activity is good for your health. However, how good it is for you depends on whether you are following a balanced workout plan or not. If you are feeling more drained, exhausted, and sore after exercising regularly, you might end up asking yourself, “is it okay to workout everyday”?

Well, it is not that working out 7 days a week is terrible for you. But when you don’t develop a good work out strategy, it will tire you out quickly. So, to create a balanced workout routine, you might want to know:

  • For how long should you exercise?
  • Is it okay to workout everyday “working out 7 days a week”?
  • How to devise a workout plan?

These are the questions that every fitness enthusiast would like to get an answer to. And that’s what we will talk about in this blog post. You will find out how to formulate a good workout plan to feel more energized, healthy, and strong.


Is it Okay to Workout Everyday?


working out 7 days a week, 6 day split

Yes, there is nothing wrong with working out every day. It is suggested by doctors to make it a habit to walk, swim, or regularly engage in any physical activity. It helps you stay physically and mentally strong and keeps diseases like stroke, cancer, and diabetes at bay.

However, doing intense workout sessions every week without a day’s rest might exhaust your mind and body. As a result, you will lose energy, motivation, and the desire to exercise consistently. In that case, you can give yourself a break and rest for a day or two.

Nonetheless, if you are persistent in working out 7 days a week, devise a balanced workout plan. Determine your fitness goal, exercise duration, and type of workout to establish a stable workout regime.

Looking for some suggestions? Follow these three steps to establish a regular workout program for yourself.


Three Steps to Establish a Regular Workout Plan

  • Before we begin, it will be best to consult a fitness trainer to create a workout strategy for you, especially when you have “bigger” fitness goals to achieve.

Let’s move to the point without further delay:-

1. Determine your Fitness Goal

Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your healthy weight, set your goals first. After you know what you are eyeing, you can determine your exercise duration and the type of workout you have to follow. Start with easy workouts like walking or low-intensity aerobics if you are a beginner. Don’t overexert yourself. Set small goals and as your stamina grows, increase your workout intensity.


2. Exercise Duration

For a beginner, it is best to start with 30-minute exercise sessions. Once your body gets used to it, slowly increase your workout duration. Also, to reach your fitness goals, you will need to do 45-minutes of high-intensity exercise every day.

  • However, a workout session should not exceed above 150 minutes per day. Going over that time limit can result in injury or burnout.


3. Type of Workout

Now, what kind of exercise you should go for depends on your preference, fitness goal, and health condition. For instance, high-intensity aerobics help lose weight, resistance training like a 6 day split workout can help you gain muscle. Do whatever physical activity makes you feel happy and relaxed.

Lastly, create a balanced workout which means following a routine that has a blend of high-intensity and low-intensity workouts on alternative days.



When exercising everyday feels tiring and boring to you, you start wondering what you are doing wrong. Is it okay to workout everyday or not? While regular exercise helps maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is not necessary to work out daily. You can exercise for five days a week and still maintain a healthy weight. So, follow a proper workout program to have a balanced exercise routine that helps you stay in the best shape.


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