What Is Being Fit For You?

What Is Being Fit For You

What Is Being Fit For You?

Physical fitness is not only about having abs, triceps, or a cut body. It is more about staying healthy, more active, and physically sound. Taking care of your body requires engaging in activities that enhance flexibility, cardiorespiratory performance, muscular endurance, strength, and body composition. We will now learn what is being fit is all about.


What Is Being Fit For You & Your Health?


getting fit meaning, physically sound

For every person, getting fit meaning is different. Some may believe that fitness relies on enhancing the body’s physical attributes only. In contrast, others may think of it as having better health, strength, and flexibility. Generally, physical fitness means performing daily tasks efficiently and keeping diseases at bay.

However, there are five elements that help to determine your fitness level. What are these components? Let’s find out.


1- Body Composition and fitness level

Even if your weight is healthy, it doesn’t always mean that you are fit. When you weigh yourself, you are assessing the fat, muscles, water, and bones weight collectively. You can calculate the percentage of your body fat to see if you need to get in shape.

The American Council on Exercise recommends that a fit man should have around 15% – 17% body fat. Likewise, an athlete should tone the body fat down to 6% – 13%. Whereas for fit women, the average body fat percentage ranges from 21% – 24%.

Another thing you should know is that you can alter body composition without increasing or decreasing weight.


2- Enhanced Cardiorespiratory performance

Can you go up the stairs without feeling out of breath? If you feel winded after walking or doing routine tasks, you need to brush up on your fitness.

Your cardiorespiratory performance is another factor that defines what is being fit means. During physical activity, how efficiently your respiratory and circulatory system provides fuel to the body determines how strong your cardiorespiratory endurance is. So, engaging in physical activities will enhance your endurance and fitness, such as:

  • Walking.
  • Cycling.
  • Swimming.
  • Jogging.
  • Dancing.
  • Aerobics.


3- Building Muscular Strength over time

What is being fit in terms of muscular strength? Building your muscular strength also elevates your fitness level. Working your muscle to the point of exhaustion grows your muscle power. However, don’t overexert yourself, or you will end up with muscle tear or cramp.

Also, slowly increase the pace of workouts to strengthen your muscles safely. Exercises like Weightlifting, strength training, or resistance training will help bolster muscle with time.


4- Testing Muscle Endurance

Try holding a baby for a long time; you will soon feel tired if your muscles lack strength. It goes like that, your muscle strength tells you if you will be able to hold something, but muscle endurance shows for how long you can hold it. Lastly, observe how many squats or push-ups you can pull off without overworking your muscles. It is a great way to test your stamina.


5- Flexibility

Flexibility refers to the range of motions you can make around each joint. It allows you to move swiftly and avoid injuries. A study indicates that stretching muscles regularly vastly improves flexibility. The most effective stretching workouts include:

  • Dynamic stretches.
  • Static stretches.
  • Ballistic stretches.
  • Yoga.

Additionally, stretching before a workout prepares your body for exercise, whereas stretching post-workout helps decrease muscle aches and regulate breathing.



What is being fit refers to acing all the elements of physical fitness to stay strong and healthy. The more you take care of your fitness, the better you will feel. Improve body composition, strengthen your muscles and cardiorespiratory performance, enhance muscle endurance, and increase flexibility; work on each component to remain in the best shape.


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