How to Start Your Weight Gain Journey?

How to Start Your Weight Gain Journey

How to Start Your Weight Gain Journey?

It might come as a surprise, but weight loss is not the only thing people are worried about. Being underweight can also cause serious health issues such as infertility, weak bones, and anemia. However, you can rectify that by following a healthy diet regime. Are you ready to start your weight gain journey? Because what we are about to share will help reach a healthy weight!

>> Before we move forward, it is suggested to consult a nutritionist first and find out the root cause. Whether there is an underlying issue that needs to be treated or you are underweight because of genetics. Accordingly, your nutritionist will suggest a healthy weight gain strategy.

Now, let’s get to the main point and have a look at our 4 best tips to kick start your weight gain journey.


Top 4 Tips To Kickstart Your Weight Gain Journey


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1- Avoid “Skinny People” Misconceptions

As a skinny person, you must have heard some absurd misconceptions. However, the best thing you can do is turn a deaf ear to these statements.

  • You are allowed to have junk food.
  • You don’t need to stick to a diet plan to increase your weight.
  • If you are skinny, you cannot work out.
  • “You are sticks and bones! You must have an eating disorder”.

Do these statements ring a bell? Such insensitive misconceptions not only demotivate but also mislead you. So don’t pay heed to ridiculous advice and prepare yourself mentally to begin your weight gain journey. Better yet, join an online weight gain challenge; it will undoubtedly boost your motivation.


2- Determine A Goal For Your Weight Gain Journey

While slow and steady is good for increasing your weight, setting a goal keeps you on track.

According to Sanford Health Organization, the ideal weight gain per week should range between 1 – 2 pounds. To gain 1 pound of lean mass, you should take 2,000 to 2,500 calories surplus weekly. So, set your goal around 4 – 8 pounds of weight gain per month.

Additionally, determine if you want to bulk up or add lean mass to your body. You will probably want to build your body with lean mass rather than fat, which is the healthy way to add pounds to your weight scale. Otherwise, all you gain would be fat, not muscles.


3- Incorporate Nutrient-Rich Foods Into Your Diet

Unlike what you are thinking, eating unhealthy foods that are high in sugar and fats will lead to more health issues. You can occasionally enjoy a piece of your favorite pie or a slice of pizza but bingeing on high-calorie food is not the answer.

Take several short meals in a day and make sure they are packed with nutrients. Either follow your nutritionist’s weight gain diet plan or create your meal plans. For instance, for weight gaining breakfast, you can make healthy burritos or porridge with whole-fat milk, nuts, and fruits. Some of the nutrient-rich foods you should incorporate into your diet are

  • Smoothies and milkshakes.
  • Whole grains, pasta, rice, and bread.
  • Starchy vegetables.
  • Dairy, nut butter, fruits, and cheese.


4- Exercise To Bulk Up

Gaining weight through diet only does not cut it out. It would be best to follow resistance training exercises designed to help build your muscle mass. Limit cardiovascular workouts and focus more on resistance training such as push-ups, squats, lunges, and deadlifts.

Also, get a fitness trainer to guide you and follow a workout regime that best fits your weight gain goals. Set a schedule for weekly or daily exercise and join fitness groups to share your journey with like-minded people.



Nothing will hinder your weight gain journey more than a bad diet, depression, and a sleep-deprived mind. To conclude, take at least 6 – 8 hours of sleep, eat well, exercise, and stay happy. Practice meditation to ward off negative thoughts. You are more likely to achieve a healthy weight when you are well-rested, eating well, and feeling at peace.


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