Are Capers Good For You To Eat? Capers Nutrition Facts and Benefits

Are Capers Good For You To Eat Capers Nutrition Facts and Benefits

Are Capers Good For You To Eat? Capers Nutrition Facts and Benefits

Have you ever heard about capers? If not, then you are unaware of a fruit that is the major part of the Mediterranean and Asian meals. This small, pea-sized green fruit is commonly served with salmon and horseradish sauce. But most importantly, it is capers nutrition value that makes it a vital part of the food.


What Are Capers?

Capers, scientifically known as CapparisSpinosaL, are unripped, edible flowering buds. This plant grows in the Mediterranean, arid areas of Asia, and Australia. The caper bush can grow in a harsh environment and can resist high temperatures. Caperberries and capers are some of the most ancient plants that human beings have been using for at least 9,000 years because capers have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antidiabetic benefits. With so many skin and health benefits, Capers must be a part of your diet.


Capers Nutrition Facts- What Is Capers Nutrition Value?

Did you know that capers contain only 23 calories per 100 mg? Yes, they are low-calorie and contain vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients essential for optimum health.

This, in turn, makes capers an ideal choice for people who are seeking to cut calories while enjoying their favorite dishes. The plus, Capers has long been a darling of food scientists because it exhibits anti-inflammatory properties.


Top Capers Benefits


capers in salt, capers benefits

Let’s jump in and find out how capers benefits can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle:-

1- Health Benefits of Capers

* Healthy Bones

Capers have a considerable amount of vitamin K that helps to promote bone density. Also, it helps lower the chances of bone-related problems like arthritis and osteoporosis, which are caused by a loss of bone density.


* May Stabilize Blood Sugar

Adding capers to your diet can do wonders, especially when you want to increase your fiber intake without dramatically increasing your calorie intake. Intrigued? Yes, a single ounce of capers provides 1 gram of fiber with only about 6.5 calories.

So, how does it help in stabilizing blood sugar? Fiber slows down sugar absorption in the bloodstream, allowing blood sugar levels to remain steady over time while promoting glycemic control.


* Improved Digestion

Are you suffering from constipation? Look no further; try giving capers a shot! They are loaded with fiber that helps in weight management and enhances digestion.



2- Capers Benefits For Skin

* Protection against UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays wreak havoc on the skin; they not only bring early signs of aging but often lead to skin cancer. Nonetheless, capers have certain compounds containing photoprotective properties. They not only help protect us from damaging UV rays but keep the erythema and redness caused by ultraviolet at bay.


* Moistens Skin

DRY SKIN – OH NO! I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING I FOUND IN THE SKINCARE AISLE, BUT IT WEINT ALL IN VAIN *SIGH* A mantra of every other person with dry skin issues. So how to go about it? Fret not! Capers got you covered.

Regular intake of capers can be beneficial for your skin health. That’s because they provide your skin with an adequate amount of moisture, helping you get rid of dryness and other dry skin issues.


3- Capers benefits for Hair

* Promotes Healthy Growth of Hair

Since capers are richly blessed with iron and vitamin B, they are now widely used in hair care products. Both iron and vitamin B help promote hair growth.

Plus, vitamin B enhances the overall blood circulation in the body. Hence, it maintains the overall health of hair as better circulation of blood is a prerequisite for lustrous and thick healthy hair. Also, iron aids in hair loss. Do we need to say more?


Wrapping Up

Capers have long been a part of Mediterranean cuisines. Not sure if this fruity bush can be the answer to your health woes? Add capers to your diet and get the most out of capers nutrition value. Give it a try; you won’t regret it.

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