Permanent Skin Lightening Soap Without Side Effects 2022

Permanent Skin Lightening Soap Without Side Effects 2022

Permanent Skin Lightening Soap Without Side Effects 2022

Permanent skin lightening soap: We all know what concealer and color correctors do to our skin. Makeup helps in concealing problematic areas such as hyperpigmentation, dark circles, redness, blemishes, and what not. However, did you know that wearing makeup every day can cause the skin to break out more frequently – taking away the natural glow from your face?

Yes, this surely is a concern of high importance. But, fret not; skin lightening soaps can be the answer to what you are looking for. From tans to discoloration to blemishes, skin lightening soaps promises to work wonders on your skin – leaving it radiant and luminous.


What to Consider When Buying Skin Lightening Soaps?

If you want to get rid of your dark spots, sun tanning, acne scars – skin-lightening soaps are the answer to your woes. However, there are few things that you need to keep in mind when opting for skin lightening soaps. The following tips will help you land your hands on the right product.

  • Skin Type

Skin lightening soaps generally go with almost every skin type but, it will either make your skin or break it. Yes, you got to be careful if you have sensitive skin while choosing the skin lightening soap for your skin type.

 Try to keep your hands off from the products that contain harmful ingredients such as steroids, mercury, and hydroquinone (a strong skin lightening agent). Instead, the most effective ingredients to look for in a skin-lightening soap are natural ingredients like saffron, aloe vera, and milk proteins.


  • Reviews

The importance of product reviews boils down to one word that is – TRUST. Yes, it is the most convenient way that helps us to know about the performance of the particular product whether it is good or bad. You need to do your homework carefully when opting for a skin-lightening soap.


  • Whitening Ingredients

Papaya, kojic acid, glutathione, glycerin, coconut oil, and grape seed oil are some of the best whitening ingredients – giving a natural glow to your skin.


Kojic Acid – What It Is & How To Use It?

It is a naturally occurring skin-brightening chemical that comes from different types of fungi, such as Aspergillus Oryzae – also known as “KOJI” in Japanese. It also comes as a by-product when certain foods (that include soy sauce and rice wine) ferment. 

Apart from that, it inhibits the production of tyrosine which is an amino acid that is responsible for melanin production. Melanin, in turn, tends to affect the skin, hair, and eye color. As kojic acid prevents the formation of melanin so, it is believed to have a skin lightening effect.


Benefits of Kojic Acids

Since kojic acid works as both an exfoliator and an antioxidant, it offers a plethora of benefits that leave your skin radiant. Following are some of the benefits of kojic acids:

  • Decreases the Appearance of Acne Scars

Though kojic acid isn’t of much help when the tissue of the scar is too thick, it helps in reducing the discoloration of the scars. Moreover, it helps in preventing the future resurgence of acne scars.


  • Anti-Inflammatory & Antibacterial

Did you know that kojic acid is a multitasker? Yes, it is richly blessed with both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Having anti-inflammatory properties means it helps in preventing and treating itchy, red, or inflamed skin. Also, it is helpful in reducing the chances of developing any bacterial skin infections.


  • Fades Dark Spots

Do you wish to banish those dark spots from your skin that may fade the charm of your skin? Who doesn’t want clear and glowing skin? We all love natural luminous skin. Kojic acids are of great help when it comes to lightening those dark sports coming from hyperpigmentation and sun damage. It blocks the production of tyrosinase – a chemical that produces melanin, and in turn, it hinders the production of excess pigment.


  • Treat Melasma

As kojic acid has melanin inhibiting properties, it helps in decreasing the chances of melasma. It is a skin condition that causes darkening of the skin or dark patches typically on the face – it is more prevalent in pregnant women.


  • Brightens Skin

Kojic acids are ultraviolent-protective in nature; it protects your skin from sun damage and dullness – leaving your skin brighter.


How to Make the Most of Using Kojic Acid for Skin?

Try considering the following tips and tricks while using the kojic acid on your skin:

  1. If you are using it in powder form, it is best to mix the recommended quantity with either mild lotions or water.
  2. Do not forget to follow the instructions that come with kojic acid products. It comes in several forms including, creams, soaps, foams, etc. You can use moisturizers, soaps, and cleansers daily but leave the face masks for special occasions.
  3. If you are using kojic acids in the form of serums and cream, make sure it dries out completely before you move to the next step of your skincare routine.


What Are the Risks and What Precautions To Take When Using Kojic Acid?

Following are some of the issues/risks that you may encounter when incorporating kojic acid products into your routine:

  • Avoid using kojic acids on damaged skin or if you have active acne because it may worsen the skin condition. Let it heal properly, and later on, you can always jump to treat those scars using kojic acids.
  • It may seem like a safe ingredient for your skin but, it can be a little overwhelming for people with sensitive skin. According to the research, kojic acid might make your skin more sensitive so, this might not be a “godsend” ingredient for your skin type. P.S DO NOT FORGET TO WEAR SUNSCREEN IN THE MORNING.
  • Don’t go overboard with the concentration because Excess of everything is bad. So, it can be toxic if used in large quantities. We are mentioning this not to make things worrisome for you, but, as per some experts, you should strictly adhere to kojic acid formulations with a maximum of 1% concentration.

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3 Best Skin Whitening Soaps

Skin whitening soaps buff away the damaged skin cells giving your skin a luminous glow. Scroll down to find out the top 3 skin-lightening soaps.

  • Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap

Now, with kojie san soap, you can reduce sunburn, dark spots, and blemishes. It contains coconut oil and kojic acid that gives your skin a healthy and smooth appearance. You can use it on your face and body.


Sun exposure not only damages your skin but is the root cause of early signs of aging. Moreover, tanning may cause fine lines and dark patches, making your skin look dull and dark. What to do about it? This soap comes with a formula catering to your tan and dark spots needs. Moreover, it has shea butter, milk proteins, and honey that helps in brightening your skin – making it silky smooth.


If you have a normal to oily skin type, this product might be all you need. It contains kojic acid that helps in fading dark spots, discoloration, and blemishes. With that, it has antibacterial properties preventing inflammation and skin irritation.


Wrapping Up

Skin whitening soaps have nothing to do with your natural skin tone. Dark patches, hyperpigmentation, and acne spots often make your skin look darker than usual. That’s where skin lightening soaps come! They help in buffing away those damaged skin cells leaving your skin look brighter. Kojic acid is one of the best and safe-to-use skin whitening agents that can be the solution you are looking for.


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