How To Get Glass Skin In 5 Steps?

how to get glass skin

How To Get Glass Skin In 5 Steps?

Genetics rarely bless you with “glass skin” unless you are Korean. More than genetics, their diet, climate, and skincare routine are their secret ingredients. However, you can follow Korean’s routine to get luscious skin as taught and radiant as a glass. So, here is a skincare routine for how to get glass skin naturally that will make everyone swoon over you.

We will now share the steps of how to achieve glass skin and the essentials you will need before hitting your vanity desk.

  • Cleansing oil, cleanser foam, and exfoliator.
  • Skin toner.
  • Essence.
  • Moisturizing lotion.
  • Sun Screen.


Five Steps Skincare Routine For How To Get Glass Skin Naturally


how to get glass skin naturally

Korean drama and music industry has taken social media by storm over the last decade. What is the secret of their glowing and smooth as butter skin? Everyone wishes to know. Follow these five steps to learn how to get glass skin naturally and turn that wish into reality:-

1- Double Cleanse Your Face

The first step of any skincare routine includes cleansing your face. However, the glass skin ritual requires double-cleansing. Use a cleansing oil for the first round to remove the day-long dirt from the skin while keeping it moist.

Afterward, use a nice cleansing foam to ensure all the dust is wiped from the skin. The purpose of double cleansing is to unclog your pores and remove pollution, makeup, and sweat to let the skin breathe. To those who wonder “how to get glass skin,” the double cleansing is the step that sets it apart from the typical skincare regime.

Additionally, gently exfoliate skin twice a week after cleansing to scrub off blackheads and dead skin. This extra step ensures your skin remains healthy and shining.


2- Close Skin Pores With A Toner

After cleansing, not using a toner is like inviting the dust to settle into your skin again. So, don’t forget to use a hydrating toner to close your pores. It not only restores the pH level of your skin but also prepares it for the next steps of the routine. Moreover, be sure to steer clear of the alcohol-based toners; they will suck all the moisture out of your skin and leave it dry as sand.


3- Using Essence Is A Must

Okay, here is the secret ingredient of the “how to get glass skin” routine. Skin Essence hydrates your skin like nothing else. It gives a glossy sheen to your skin. Also, make sure to look for an essence that has glycerine and squalene in it. After toning, pat the Essence into your skin. More importantly, avoid rubbing to prevent getting wrinkles.


4- Apply A Generous Layer Of Moisturize

We all know a skincare routine is incomplete without moisturizing. After cleaning, wiping, rubbing, and patting the skin, it needs a generous layer of moisturizer. The hydrating products you have used to clean and beautify your skin needs to be locked in, and moisturizer helps do that.


5- Protect Your Skin With Sunscreen

All the efforts you just made will go in vain if you step out and let the UV rays hit your skin directly. So, give your skin a final touch of SPF lotion to protect it from the sun rays.

Lastly, swear by these five steps of skincare, and you will get your answer to how to get glass skin naturally.



The desire to have the infamous “glass skin” has emptied the wallets of every woman. And it will be futile to buy promoted products if you don’t know how to use them. In a nutshell, get glass skin products, then follow our guide, how to get glass skin naturally, and flaunt your newly revamped skin to the world.


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