French Green Clay for Face!

french green clay for face

French Green Clay for Face!

Are you also struggling with rough, dry, flaky skin? Have you got tired of using expensive masks, creams, or moisturizers, or other beauty products on your skin, but nothing worked? Why not try French green clay for a change? Green clay has taken the world by storm due to having a vast array of benefits. 

If you’re wondering what French green clay is, how it works, and its benefits for skin, then this article is a must-read for you.


What is French Green Clay?

Ordinarily, French green clay is a pure, unprocessed clay with charismatic green color and smooth texture. Its chemical composition includes kelp seaweed and iron oxides. Other than that, it contains plenty of natural deposits, namely, aluminum, selenium, cobalt, and zinc.

Also known as French clay or illite clay, illites get their soothing bright green color from decomposed marine flora, such as chlorophyll and algae. Hence, the more radiant the color is, the more value it possesses. 

In a nutshell, it has been widely used for treating skin diseases, including medicinal and cosmetic therapies, because of its soothing and healing properties.


Benefits of French Green Clay


French green clay benefits, French clay

There are plenty of French green clay benefits, and researchers are positive about finding more. According to research conducted in 2008, green clay halts bacterial growth and treats Buruli ulcers and other skin disorders. Besides, it has numerous benefits for your skin. 

Let’s have a look together! 

  1. Detoxification 

French green clay can miraculously detoxify your skin. When you apply it to the skin, the clay easily extracts out all the unwanted chemicals or impurities, just like a magic wand, leaving healthier, brighter, and cleaner skin.


  1. Exfoliation 

Green clay’s molecules combine with the toxic particles, which help in fighting the dead skin cells. Exfoliate your skin for about a minute, and then rinse with warm water. Avoid exfoliating your skin if you’ve any open pores, acne, or sunburned.


  1. Oily/Greasy Skin 

Because of having anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties, French green clay is beneficial for all skin types – especially sebaceous or greasy skin. The clay removes excessive oil from the pores and helps eliminate all the gunk effortlessly and efficiently. 


  1. Hydrating Properties 

Natural clays are one of the best ways to hydrate skin, and French green clay is indeed one of the finest clay having hydrating properties. It is enriched with green marine flora as well as mineral springs and other bountiful sea deposits. 


  1. Soothing Skin 

French green clay possesses amazing soothing properties. Thus, it helps prevent skin irritation, redness, acne, and other allergic reactions.


How to Use French Green Clay?

Perhaps, you’re wondering how to use this exquisite French green clay on your skin. Fret not; we haven’t forgotten to consider this section too. 

Firstly, bathe your skin with clean water and pat dry it. Use a facecloth to remove any residue face wash or impurities. Now, with the help of your fingers or a mask brush, apply a thin and evenly layer of the mask to the desired skin area. 


Let it Dry

Keep the mask for at least 10-15 minutes and let it dry completely. However, we would suggest you follow the instructions mentioned at the back of your product packaging. 


Remove & Rinse

As soon as the mask settles and feels tight, immediately rinse it off with water. Use something soft to pat dry your skin. Avoid using any hard material to dry your face as it can cause skin irritation. 


How Often Should I Use French Green Clay?

Although green clay is composed of natural anti-aging properties, it can sometimes make your skin dry if you use it frequently. However, experts recommend that you use it once a week or twice a month if you have a healthy skin texture. Contrarily, if you have sebaceous or greasy skin, you should apply the mask once a month.


Wrapping Up 

Say goodbye to all your skin woes by adding French green clay to your daily regime. Despite having numerous benefits, there are some risks you’ll likely notice if you misuse French green clay. Thus, it is highly recommended to take advice from any dermatologist or beauty expert, especially if you’ve any skin-related issues.


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