Sun In Hair Lightener Review: Lighten Your Hair!

sun in hair lightener

Sun In Hair Lightener Review: Lighten Your Hair!

As the summer approaches, almost all of us feel like swapping out our darker hues for natural-looking summer highlights. But are you afraid to bleach your hair that takes away the natural shine? Fret not: We have got you covered. With Sun In hair lightener, you can knock the lightening hair game up a notch – sun-in, sun out.

Feel like taking your style up game ahead? Read on to learn tips and tricks on how you can make the smooth transition from bright colors to natural summery highlights.


What is a Sun In Hair lightener?

Sun-In is in the market for almost three decades now. The cherry on top is that you can easily get those natural summery highlights at home. Wondering what is sun-in anyway? The Sun In hair lightener comes in a spray form – comprising two lightening agents and other botanical extracts that leave a natural shine in your hair.


What Are The Bleaching Ingredients in Sun In Hair Lightener?

Following are the two essential ingredients in the hair coloring procedures:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • Lemon.

Moreover, the sun in hair lightener formula has improved over time, comprising essential extracts such as chamomile, aloe, marigold, etc. What makes them stand out? They don’t just pamper your hair but, are alcohol-free nourishing your hair from inside out.


What Does Sun In Hair Lightener Do to the Hair?

Did you know hair lightening products come with natural bleaching agents such as citric acid, chamomile, etc.?  With that, they are heat-activated, allowing you to either bake them under the sunlight or let the hairdryer do the work. The result – you will get the sun-ravaged look that’s even better than how the sun naturally lightens the hair strands.


How to Use Sun In Hair Lightener Spray?

Using Sun In hair lightener sprays has been the most popular to achieve natural summery highlights for decades. Before spritzing it into your hair, make sure the scalp isn’t dry because, for smooth transitioning, you should use the sun-in on damp hair.

Put your head under the sink basin and spray the product in your hair. For even distribution, comb the hair out.



Tips To Remember Before Applying Sun In Hair Lightener Spray

Opting for a DIY route is fun that isn’t too heavy on the pocket – sounds cool? Consider the following tips before applying hair lightening spray:

  • Make sure your hair isn’t drenched in water and is damp for smooth application.
  • Keep the product away from your skin because it contains hydrogen peroxide. Wash your hands right after spritzing the product onto your hair.
  • Make sure you use some hair serum afterward to lock in the right amount of moisturizer.
  • Do not go overboard with the hair treatment and at least wait for a day or two before going for another try, as the hair coloring process takes a few days.
  • Let the heat (hairdryer) do the work and blow-dry until completely dry.


sun in hair lightener, natural summery highlights

How to Apply the Sun In Hair Lightener?

There are different application methods, and you can opt for any of these at your convenience. Following are some of the application methods:

Method #1: Paint or Sprit

So, looking for an all-over color change? All you have to do is spray the product all over your hair, and you are good to go.  You can start with dividing the hair into two equal sections and work your way from the nape of your neck to the sides to the front. Sectioning the hair makes all the difference as it ensures that you don’t miss out on any spot and prevents blotchy hair.

However, you can ditch the complete color change and opt for something trendy and modern. Finding it hard to apply the sun in hair lightener in a smaller hair section, especially bangs? We know it’s a little tricky but, the right tactics works wonder. We recommend you to get your hands on a paintbrush to avoid any mess and go with dipping a 1/4th inch brush into the bottle and paint it on the hair strand.

Apart from this, you can even highlight your hair strands using both spray or paintbrush, whatever works out in your favor.


Method #2: Activation of the Product

There are usually two ways that you can use to activate the product. You can choose either one of them but, choose wisely. Here is a breakdown of the two options:

  • Option #1: Bake under the Sun

With sun in hair lightener, you can achieve subtle highlighting but, how to go about it? The first viable option is that you can give it a try by spritzing the sun-in product into your hair and sit in the sun because heat activates the product imparting a natural lightening effect in your hair.

Worried thinking about you might end up using the product excessively? Then, stop worrying because the more the product is in your hair, the more lightening effect you will have. As they say, good things take time; you won’t see the results right away but, after a couple of visits outsides, you will see the desired results. 

Don’t forget to rinse the hair once done with the coloring process.

DISCLAIMER: If you are planning to have a pool party with your friends, you got to be careful. That is because getting in the water with the product won’t let you achieve the results you are looking for, as it tends to dilute the mixture. However, it isn’t something you should be worried about as you can sprit the spray mixture after coming out.

Try not to tie your hair in a bun or ponytail or any other similar hairstyle while the product is in the hair. Why? It’s the sunlight that does the magical work, and hair strands that aren’t under direct exposure won’t lighten – ending up in uneven-looking hair. To avoid this, keep your hair open that allows all parts of the hair to get enough sunlight.


  • Options #2:  Sprit the Product and Let the Heat Work 

Have an event to attend and want quick results? With our secret tips, you can get natural summery highlights in the blink of an eye. Go and grab your blow dryer from the makeup vanity and dry your hair with the heat. Sun In hair lightener requires heat, so you don’t necessarily have to bake under the sun because it’s the heat that does the magic, not the sunlight.

A tip to remember: Although sitting in the sun is the natural way to get the best results, sunlight wreaks havoc on the skin – causes many skin diseases. However, going for a second option helps in achieving quick results and prevents skin-related issues.


The Takeaway

Are you tempted to take your hair lighter in the summer? Sun In hair lightener is your go-to pick because it gives you natural vacation highlights without a hefty price tag. It’s a hair gear that you can use all year round – fast and easy.


Any information provided on this article or our website is for entertainment purposes only and researched from the internet. Please consult your local professional or physician before using any information provided.


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